A Renewable

Energy Company

Established in 2009

Design, Construction, Maintenance & Consulting Services for Anaerobic Digester Systems

Rock Creek Digesters – Filer, ID

Manure Digester System – The Rock Creek Digester system was be designed to support primarily cow manure from an 11,300 cow dairy operation near Filer, Idaho. The system utilizes six reinforced concrete vessels all roughly 80 feet in diameter and approximately 30 feet tall...

Vir-Clar Farm Power – Fond du Lac, WI

Vir Clar Farms has embraced digester technology and found that a system does a lot more than simply create energy. It creates a good overall image of dairy farming, plus it adds to the efficiency of the overall dairy operation, as manure management costs are drastically reduced...

Custom System Design

Northern Biogas is your one-stop provider when it comes to designing and installing anaerobic digester systems on your farm. As owners of dairy farms, the professionals at Northern Biogas know that each farm operation is different when it comes to animal housing and management,...

"A Renewable Energy Company"

Providing design and construction services for anaerobic digestion, converting livestock manure, feed waste, food waste, and other energy substrates into valuable co-products.

Northern Bio Gas

About Us

Northern Biogas brings experience and proven design practices to the relatively new world of organic solids-based energy production. We have become an industry leader because we are an effective innovator, and custom solutions provider.

Northern Bio Gas

What We Do

Northern Biogas provides a reliable yet affordable anaerobic digester that manages waste and odor while providing an economic value to the client. Best of all, we make it easy for the client to operate.

Northern Bio Gas

Why Choose Us?

Northern Biogas is your single-source provider of anaerobic digestion vessels for RNG production and/or combined heat and power units (CHP) to produce renewable electricity. Our system encompasses state-of-the-art technologies that have been field-tested and refined over the last 15 years to minimize downtime.

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