Facilitating Various Components of Biomass Projects

At Northern Biogas, we are with you throughout the entire process. Our team of professionals guides you through the various components of the project to help ensure that your system will meet your needs.

Services we provide:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • System design and engineering
  • Permitting
  • Construction management
  • System startup
  • System maintenance

Digester Design Features

Northern Bio Gas

Custom System Design
Northern Biogas is your one-stop provider when it comes to designing and installing anaerobic digester systems on your farm. As owners of dairy farms, the professionals at Northern Biogas know that each farm operation is different when it comes to animal housing and management, site layout, power requirements, grid access and more.

It is because of this fluidity we approach each job with a blank sheet of paper. Our years of experience allow us to develop systems that are the most efficient and sensible for our clients.

For an idea of how a system can add power, efficiency, environmental responsibility, and convenience to all aspects of the farm, download this overview from Vir-Clar Farm of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Northern Bio Gas

In our example, the parasitic load is the energy required in the anaerobic digestion process that is not contributing to the net electric yield. If operating a blower or mixer is required to make the digester work, that energy cost should be deducted from the energy the digester creates to obtain the net yield. Typically the greatest parasitic load in a digester would be generated by blowers and mixers.

Typical continuous gas blower type mixer
Typical continuous gas blower type mixer
Typical intermittent submersible mixer
Typical intermittent submersible mixer

Let’s look at two systems; a typical partially mixed plug flow which is mixed by continuously operating blowers and a typical complete mix system by Northern Bio-gas using intermittent mixers.

  • Typical Mixed Plug Flow: 1,000,000 gallon tank, 1 -25 Hp blowers run continuously for mixing at 7 cents KWH annual operating cost = $11,430.00
  • Complete Mix: 1,000,000 gallon tank, 3 – 20 Hp mixers running ten minutes and hour at 7 cents KWH annual operating costs = $4,572.00

As you can see parasitic load has a major influence on the bottom line and should be evaluated closely before selecting an anaerobic digestion system.

Northern Bio Gas

The Northern Bio-gas flex membrane roof system offers many benefits to the AD system:

Gas Storage
Gas storage is another important factor in the AD system. During the course of the day, gas production varies based on many factors, the diet fed to the animals, temperature, substrates added, day to day changes in farm operations, etc. The ability to store gas and consume the gas when desired is very important.

Without variable gas storage, gas use must equal gas production. This is a very limiting factor when sizing the equipment for gas use. Another important factor in gas storage is the ability to use the gas when rates are higher. Many of today’s power purchase contracts offer premium rates during peak periods.

Northern Bio Gas

Gas Tight Seal
Unlike many rigid roof systems, the Northern Bio-gas flex membrane system provides an airtight seal. The flex membrane system expands and contracts with temperature changes and variable gas pressures. The roof system is equipped with over and under pressure relief systems. In the event of an extreme overpressure situation the Northern Bio-gas flex system will vent as required to prevent structural damage to the roof and vessel. Unlike some rigid roof systems which have experienced catastrophic failures from overpressure. The Northern Bio-gas flex system will release pressure until the system is corrected.

We know that all mechanical equipment will eventually need maintenance. The Northern Bio-gas flex system allows for easy removal of a portion of the roof system to access mixers etc. After the removal of equipment, the roof is easily resealed without stopping or emptying the tank. If for some reason a major maintenance event is required such as cleaning the tank, the flex roof is simply rolled back giving complete access to the tank. After maintenance is complete the roof is resealed and quickly becomes fully operational.

It should be noted that unlike many single tank systems the Northern Bio-gas multi-tank system allows for one tank to be down for maintenance while continuing to operate the remaining tanks.

Gas Conditioning
Gas saturated with moisture and high hydrogen sulfide is very detrimental to combined heat and power systems. Northern Biogas has developed a simple and effective method to minimize moisture in the gas delivery system. Northern Biogas has also developed a system to reduce hydrogen sulfide by the use of the “iron sponge system”. The iron sponge has long been an effective tool for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide; however, it has been very labor-intensive. Northern Biogas has developed a quick change out system to greatly reduce the labor-intensive process.

Biogas Desulfurization System

Our biogas desulfurization system is a fully automated, continuous process that is designed to help you meet current air quality standards and reduce the hydrogen sulfide concentration of biogas by 90-95%! This means better biogas fuel quality, which translates to cleaner engine operations, lower maintenance costs, and cleaner air emissions from the flaring of the biogas.

For more information about our system contact us:

Northern Bio Gas
Northern Bio Gas

Elemental sulfur deposited post-combustion in an exhaust system WITHOUT a hydrogen sulfide scrubber