About Us

A New Approach to Managing Biomass Renewable Energy Projects

Northern Bio Gas

Northern Biogas brings experience and proven design practices to the relatively new world of organic solids-based energy production. We have become an industry leader because we are an effective innovator, and custom solutions provider. Having installed the most effective, efficient methane digester systems in the area means that we are constantly looking for innovation and improvement, but always with an eye on solid engineering practices and long-term value.

Northern Biogas was formed by a group of professional Wisconsin Dairy Producers, licensed engineers, project managers, and licensed wastewater treatment operators to build and manage biomass renewable energy projects. The underlying philosophy of Northern Biogas is to provide a reliable and affordable anaerobic digester that can offer a means of managing waste and odor while providing economic value to the client and community.

Guy Selsmeyer P.E.
Prior to Northern Biogas, Mr. Selsmeyer was a partner of Green Valley Dairy, a 3,700 cow dairy built-in 1999. In 2005, Mr. Selsmeyer helped to design and build an anaerobic digester to help facilitate manure and nutrient management while generating 600 kW of power to sell to the local electric company. This led to the creation of Northern Biogas. He is intimately familiar with all aspects of anaerobic digestion and electric generation from biogas as well as the needs of large-scale agriculture. He has presented on the subject at multiple symposiums, including ASABE, AGSTAR, Wisconsin Focus on Energy, and National Biocycle Conference to name a few.
15 years of experience in the utility industry, pipeline industries, and gas and electric marketing and commodity trading.

Jeff LaViolette P.E.
Civil and Environmental engineer with over 25 years of experience in state and federal environmental regulatory compliance, 10 years of experience in anaerobic digestion systems, over 20 years in municipal wastewater systems industrial wastewater control, civil engineering for site development.

Joel Klose
30+ years in plumbing systems, dairy farm operation and maintenance, digester design and operations, and combined heat and power system management.

What We Do

Northern Bio Gas

Northern Biogas provides a reliable yet affordable anaerobic digester that manages waste and odor while providing an economic value to the client. Best of all, we make it easy for the client to operate.

At Northern Biogas, great pride is taken in designing a system that is right for you. We have recognized the advancement of European technology surrounding anaerobic digestion and have modified designs based on actual experience in Wisconsin’s harsh environment.

Our design uses the concept of a total mix digester which provides maximum gas production and lends itself to the addition of substrates, both critical when maximizing your return on investment.

We use field-proven technologies that yield results. Our digester designs originate from a complete mix, mesophilic system. Although there are many digester types in existence, very few systems have yielded the quantity and quality of gas as a complete mix system.

Examples of complete mix systems in Wisconsin.

  • Vir-Clar Farms, Fond du Lac, WI
  • Green Valley Dairy, Krakow, WI
A basic anaerobic digester sytem design
A basic anaerobic digester system design

Why Choose Us?

Northern Bio Gas

Northern Biogas is your single-source provider of anaerobic digestion vessels for RNG production and/or combined heat and power units (CHP) to produce renewable electricity. Our system encompasses state-of-the-art technologies that have been field-tested and refined over the last 15 years to minimize downtime.

Because Northern Biogas is owned and operated by former and current farm owners, engineers, and agriculture scientists, we understand farming in general and more particularly dairy farming.

Being dairy farm owners who have engineering and science degrees mean that we know how valuable a digester system can be to a farm's operations.

The Northern Biogas owners have researched various A.D. technologies for years before focusing on European “complete mix” technology. Being AD Plant and farm owners, Northern Biogas has been able to develop methods, designs, and strategies under real-world conditions on our own farms. Through these operations, we have learned how the European model must be modified for U.S. farm-scale and climate.

Single source responsibility
In our search for systems technology we noticed some vendors supplied digesters only, other vendors supplied CHP only and no one supplied operation and maintenance. Northern Biogas decided that to be successful we should offer all phases under one roof.

It’s all about details

  • Methane potential testing
  • Determine accurate design parameters
  • Realistic financial models
  • Grant writing
  • Develop custom plans and specifications
  • Local permitting
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Construction management
  • Single source for the digester, CHP, solids, and nutrient management
  • Single source for operation and maintenance of the entire system

Benefits of Our Systems Include

  • 1 Attention to detail in the design process. We do not assume so much gas from the “X” number of animals. We test manure samples and substrates for potential methane production. We run accurate financial models for the owner to evaluate systems.
  • 2 We provide individually designed systems for each client, not a packaged “one size fits all” system that is “close” to the requirements of the client.
  • 3 We provide turnkey project development from grant writing, plans, specs, project management, construction, and operation and maintenance.
  • 4 Complete mix assures uniform total digestion
  • 5 Round tanks easily mix with less energy consumed
  • 6 Tank sizes are custom designed for each client application
  • 7 Multiple tanks allow cleaning or maintenance of one tank while continuing to operate the other tanks
  • 8 Flexible membrane roofs are easily removed for access to the tanks for periodic maintenance and cleaning
  • 9 Flexible membrane roofs allow additional gas storage to accommodate varying gas production throughout the day unlike a rigid roof system
  • 10 Flexible membrane roofs allow the roof to vent in an overpressure situation without damage to the structure unlike fixed rigid roof systems
  • 11 Northern Biogas systems are equipped with hydrogen sulfide reduction systems
  • 12 Northern Biogas provides gas conditioning to cool gas and reduce moisture
  • 13 Northern Biogas provides gas scrubbing to further reduce hydrogen sulfides
  • 14 Northern Biogas has teamed with Caterpillar for CHP installations to provide efficient easily maintained systems with local support and parts inventory
  • 15 Northern Biogas has qualified trained personnel to operate and maintain both the CHP and digester system
  • 16 Northern Biogas can provide financing and ownership options
  • 17 Northern Biogas provides regulatory compliance